#RugbyChat EP1 – Lions, Super Rugby and Fiji

#RugbyChat is the new New Zealand based rugby show, you can watch it live on YouTube  or join in with your opinions on Twitter or Facebook. In the opening episode we talk about the Lions Tour, Super Rugby and Fiji. Below is the video of our chat on YouTube but first here are the 5... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk T2 Global Season

Last week I talked about the new global season that World Rugby announced. This week I'd like to drill down into that from a Tier 2 point of view. Here are my thoughts on the Tier 2 Global Season from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. https://youtu.be/9I4eI8w7h0E Here's the table of my workings:   July   November RWC... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Pro12 Expansion

News has emerged about the rumoured expansion of the Pro12 into North America. Here are my thoughts on the proposed Pro12 expansion into North America from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. https://youtu.be/RI4OmzuIrCM Here's a link to the article in The Scotsman that I refer to in the video. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Major League Rugby

News has come out about a new national 15s rugby tournament for the USA. I talk about the differences to ProRugby both geographically and administratively and also about when it's due to kickoff. Here are my thoughts on Major League Rugby from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. https://youtu.be/mVAzelfHjts This is the map I mention in the video... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk USA Rugby and Where It’s Going

This weekend feels like a pivotal weekend for USA Rugby, it's not happening on the pitch but it's about the governance of the sport and the rugby congress that's happening this weekend. Here are my thoughts that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/nsdrucAAiog Here is a link to Tony Ridnell's website and the Rugby Wrap... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Player Welfare in Japan

Richard Freeman forwarded me an article he'd written about the use of the HIA in the All-Japan Championship final. Player welfare is something that I feel passionately about and so I took to Periscope to help spread the word. Here are my thoughts on the lack of the HAI protocols in the All-Japan Championship final that I first... Continue Reading →

Tony Ridnell interview w/ “The Rugby Committee” discussing USA Rugby

Interesting interview covering USA Rugby and the structural changes that are needed/coming.

Tony Ridnell

I was able to speak with “The Rugby Committee” tonight on their radio show and discuss USA Rugby.  Thanks Dumont Walker, Jack Howe, Janet Young, Bill Gardner.

Discussing Strategic Plan, Comprehensive Club Audits, High Performance Audits, The Women’s game, Improving Competitions, Rugby International Marketing (RIM, LLC), The Rugby Channel, Rebranding the CANAM rivalry, RWC2027 Bid,  etc…

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