Top 14 2018-2019 Round 11 Predictions

The Top 14 is such a congested table! It only takes a couple of wins on the trot to move up. However so many teams find it impossible to do so especially away from home. This is such a fascinating season with some top teams having dropped a long way. Here is my video with my Top... Continue Reading →


Top 14 2018-2019 Round 9 Predictions

The Top14 remains a very congested table with 3 teams having a slight lead at the top before 7 teams who are extremely close. Then there are 4 teams who it already looks like will be fighting it out to avoid relegation. Here is my video with my Top 14 Round 9 Predictions: In brief... Continue Reading →

Top14 2018-2019 Round 7 Predictions

It's the last round of domestic action before we take a break for Europe, will that impact the selection of any of the teams? Historically you'd think not and with the exception of a couple of big teams that's still probably true. Those big teams have enough depth that resting a player or two shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Top 14 2018-2019 Round 3 Predictions

The Top14 is getting into it's stride, the teams should be getting rid of their early season rust and we should be settling into the form we can expect up to the kickoff of the European competitions. Here is my video with my Top 14 Round 3 Predictions: In brief here are my Top 14 Round... Continue Reading →

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