World Rugby U20s Championship 2019 Semi Final Predictions

This tournament is super competitive! It's amazing to think that New Zealand (6 times winners), England (3 times winners in the last 6 years) and Ireland (6 Nations Champions) are all not in the top 4. Argentina or Australia will have the chance to be champions for the first time after coming 6th and 5th... Continue Reading →


World Rugby U20s Championship 2019 Round 3 Predictions

We've had some impressive performances over the first 2 rounds. It also looks like it could be the first time since 2012 that there is only 1 Northern Hemisphere team in the semi finals! Here is my video with my World Rugby U20s Championship Round 3 Predictions: VIDEO COMING Georgia U20 v Scotland U20 -... Continue Reading →

World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Round 3 Predictions

  This is the final round of group games and there will be a high-profile casualty, the only question is who is it going to be? Here are my match predictions. First here is a link to my round-up of all of last weekend's action. First how did your round 2 predictions go? 3 from 6, the... Continue Reading →

World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Round 2 Predictions

The World Rugby U20s kick-off with plenty of surprises will those continue into round 2? Here are my predictions. How did you do with your round 1 predictions? 3 from 6, the topsides won but there were plenty of upsets between the middle ranking sides. My 30 second One Line Predictions, read below for the reasoning.... Continue Reading →

World Rugby U20s Championship 2016 Preview

For some reason the Junior Rugby World Championship has bee renamed this year to the World Rugby U20s Championship. Either way it's the opportunity for the next generation of players to test themselves against their counterparts from the rest of the world. Here is my preview. How does it work? The 12 teams are divided... Continue Reading →

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