Rugby World Cup 2023 – Reaction

France have been announced as the host of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This is despite the Rugby World Cup Board recommending South Africa be selected. The third country hoping to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023 was Ireland who received the fewest votes. Here is my reaction to France being selected as hosts,... Continue Reading →


November Internationals 2017 Round 2 Predictions

With the Rugby World Cup only 2 years away this is the final opportunity for teams to blood new players and build squad depth. With teams at different stages of building that depth it can be a bit of a lottery picking the margins but we should have a good idea of the winner. Also... Continue Reading →

#RugbyChat EP12 – All Time All Blacks 15

This week on #RugbyChat we mix things up a little bit and instead of having 5 questions Mike, Ryan and I give you our all time All Blacks 15s. Here is our discussion, we did have seem technical difficulties but hopefully I've managed to edit out the worst bits: If you’d like to listen... Continue Reading →

The Rugby Championship 2017 Round 1 Predictions

The Rugby Championship is back but unfortunately it can't totally overshadow the Super Rugby news. Even so it gives some rugby to watch and hopefully some positive things to talk about. Check out my tournament preview here. Here are my The Rugby Championship Round 1 Predictions from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. In brief here are... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – SANZAAR Hate Hate Relationship

The relationships between the different countries with in SANZAAR is being stretched. The unions that organise Super Rugby and The Rugby Championship have always had different agendas. For example South Africa like fixtures from overseas visitors where as Australian derbies do better. Recently though there has been more angst as the competition is in trouble... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – World Rugby Tinkers With The Laws

World Rugby has decided to tinker with the rugby laws again. This time they are changing 6 laws around the scrum and tackle/ruck. They are intending to simplify the laws for the referees and also improve player welfare. These aims are clearly laudable but have World Rugby got it right this time? Here are my... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Where’s My Law Book Gone?

Recently there were reports that Word Rugby had put together a 4 man team to reduce the Law Book by 50%. This caused the typical social media response of lots of complaints and questions until the article was read. Here are my thoughts on cutting the Rugby Law book in half from my Live Stream... Continue Reading →

The Road To Japan EP2 – Rugby World Cup 2019 Qualification

2 sides from Oceania have qualified for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan so it's time for another update on the road to Japan. Here is my second update on the qualification for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Why Is Rugby Always Looking Backwards?

When you hear people talking about what's wrong with the structure of rugby and also some of the laws, they always seem to suggest reverting to something we've had before. Why is rugby such a backward looking sport? Here are my thoughts on rugby always looking backwards. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect... Continue Reading →

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